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Dog at Mile 26


I thought these dogs had been rescued but according to our town rescue site they haven't been.

This is what I read tonight:



On May 21 estimates of between 150-200 dogs were left on their own when Jean (the owner) was tragically killed in a fire trying to save some of the puppies. OSPCA was contacted immediately. When by Monday, the dogs had still not received any help, Denice in Moosonee organized a huge food shipment which ONR delivered and fed the dogs. There is no road access to the site so ONR has been instrumental in the rescue of these dogs. Many owe their lives to the caring employees of ONR. Pam in Cochrane was contacted when after a week, the dogs had still not recieved any care/rescue efforts from OSPCA. We were upset to say the least and with the help of many organizations, NOAWS, Moosonee Puppy Rescue and many individuals a rescue was planned for Monday the 31st. We brought out 30 dogs that day. These were not feral dogs but had been Jean's pets. They were sent to various rescues including Pet Save in Sudbury, All Heart Pet Rescue near North Bay, Moosonee Puppy Rescue in Bracebridge, Clarington Shelter and ARK. We were sure OSPCA would step up once they saw these were not just feral dogs but once again we were disapointed and the situation was ignored.
There are still adoptable dogs left up there but we need help to save them. The critical missing link is a tranquilizer gun. With this we could save the remaining adoptable dogs.

It's very sad...I think these are dogs way up in the bush going to Mooseness. Lots of bears, wolves, bobcats etc live up there in the bush. I can't believe this happened May 21st and still there are dogs up there without food or people to help except for the few people manning the train. If it is on the way to Moosenee the train doesn't run up there every day either!

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