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Puppy Allergies

Originally Posted by Hogansma
Just thought I'd add a comment, nothing scientific. I am highly allergic to puppies, all puppies, bathed or not. When my puppies get their adult hair, my allergies almost disappear. This happens when they are about 10 months old (give or take a bit). There are a lot of people who love dogs but know they are allergic and think they can never own a dog. I would recommend looking at a small, fully mature dog and of course doing test visits before ever bringing one home on a perminent basis. Bathing the dog and feeding a good quality dog food is important too so they don't get smelly. Most SPCAs are flexible and can work with you on this. I am a happy owner of 2 dogs and with both, my allergies and asthma were terrible during the puppy stage. I actually looked forward to going to work so I could breathe!
Hi, Can the person who posted above contact me on **
I have 3 dogs which I have never had a problem with but have just bought a malamute puppy and I have never been so allergic in my life. I can't work out if it is hayfever or puppy fur. I am not allergic to dogs so I don;t understand this, but I haven't stopped sneezing in the last 3 weeks. My eyes are fine, it's just my nose. I have never heard of just being allergic to puppies, so it would be interesting to see if anyone else is having the same problem as I am.

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