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When we got our dog, she had to learn to live with not just one, but three cats, all with completely different reactions.
It's important to control the introductions so neither animal gets hurt. Have the puppy on a leash, know where the cat is, and do the introductions in a room with lots of high places for the cat to retreat to. If the puppy gets overly excited, take her out and bring her back later. Supervise all interactions for the first little while. If nobody gets scared, the cat's curiosity will gradually win. She may never become best friends with the puppy, but she should at least learn to tolerate her.
Our one boy has gone from so nervous he didn't want to be in the same room with Sunshine at first, to tolerating her if he could be up high, to walking wide around her, to just yesterday walking under her belly because she was in front of the gate we keep his food behind.
Have patience and good luck finding the right puppy.
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