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Originally Posted by growler View Post
..... yeah where's the hosed pics?
Originally Posted by Rick C View Post
Abby and Keeper run away screaming in panic if they see a hose . . . . . the usual weapon for cleaning mounds of prairie mud off them.
the "hosed pics" requested were You & Abby & Keeper getting drenched by rain on the way home ..................

Originally Posted by Rick C View Post
Below, ditch running with Abby . . . . a thunderstorm gathering behind her. Sadly, we didn't make it back to the house in time and got hosed pretty good.

Goldyy - Ringo & Chaska just adorable I'll bet Ringo is just itchin' to go next door & move some beasties - who I see are keeping an eye on him too

dogcatharmony - the first pics of Amos & Zoe too funny

Winston - what a good boy hangin' in the shade - at least some of the time

bendyfoot - Jaida knows a good thing when she finds one

Bearsmom - two big fuzzy pups

Frenchy - drooly Sam - good way to keep cool

Fordgirl - Dazy's got a great sleeping spot . Pubert sleeping in the sunbeam. Funny how all cats do that even in the heat
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