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Yes Madame X has been staying very close to her nest! It has been so miserable for her since she layed these 4 EGGS! we thought there was 5 but it is 4 for sure! She has hardly moved from the nest except briefly! She is such a wonderful Mom! This is her mates 2nd year with her! (His name is Surge!) and he is quite young so he is learning to be a dad! He was really good last year taking his turn on the nest and providing ALOT of food for his 3 chicks...but he is not always visible.....Her old mate (Newbie was his name) was an AWESOME Dad! he was always by her side with food, change off duties and he also stayed very very close to the nest! You could actually watch newbie trying to teach his chicks to fly! It is soo cool to see! (maybe I have too much time on my hands!)

There are so many amazing live web cams to watch! some have amazing picture quality and others are just okay! Here are a few I enjoy!

That should keep you all busy!

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