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Originally Posted by summertimesmile View Post
Hello. Thank you for the reply. Your response was exactly what mine was when he was given the Royal Canin. I used to give him Natures Balance, which as you know is a great source of great proteins. However, the vet said unfortunately we have to give him lower protein to not tax the kidneys and lower phosphorous levels. Royal Canin actually is the best of the renal foods, she said. And therefore, she'd prefer something else but they don't make anything renal like you suggest.

So we were just trying to get him stablized, which I guess he is, but still high levels of Bun and Creatinine. And this was with the lower protein and phosphorous food. When I look at the dry analysis of the wet foods you suggest, most of there's protein is well over 50% of the food and high phosphorous levels. So us Renal kitties are caught in a rock and a hard place. How do you give them good quality foods but with low protein and phosphorous? So far, I've found that since the commercial foods are regulated they have to be at a certain level of protein, which is actually higher than we want for a renal cat. So we have to use the prescription food, which the only way to get lower protein is use lower grade sources like corn for the protein.

Obviously with me feeding him a high quality food his whole life, he still got renal failure, so I'm not sure putting him back on higher protein is going to help out his kidneys. He also was very thin to begin with and can't afford to lose more weight. So I'm just seeing if anyone has any great suggestions on how to get them to gain weight w/o taxing the kidneys. Thank you.
Hi the reason I mentioned high quality food such has blue buffalo because blue is known to cure many problems in cats. Saved cats from renal failure, allergies. Easy digestible. Saved a cat from getting bladder stones again.

You can see for yourself

Honestly Natural Balance is a fine food - not as good as Wellness or Blue but still a good food nevertheless. Problem with NB is that in dry it is not grain free. Grains usually cause problems in cats.

My vet recommended for science diet when my cat got sick and I was not a personal fan of science diet. I went behind her back and bought blue instead. When she strictly said SD only. When I took her back to my vet she told me "I told you Science Diet would help." I told her "No, Blue Buffalo did."
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