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CRF Cat in need of feeding help

Hello. My best friend was diagnosed with CRF about a month ago. My holistic vet immediately took him off all commerical food and put him on Royal Canin renal foods. He ate the kibble but not the wet food, except for some of the gravy off the morsels. She also put him on Azodyl twice a day, 1 Renal Support Vitamin, and he takes 1/4 tsp of honey a day for allergies. We were putting it in a syringe and injecting in his mouth, which he hated. He ended up vomitting several times afterward, to which I was done doing that to him.

At that point I took him in, and they found he had high blood pressure. He was put on pills and allowed to mix in commerical food to get the pill in him and then try to give him the others. I ended up giving him a little more commercial and giving him the other pills. Well, blood tests came back yesterday that his levels have dropped. The vet was very happy with it, but I'm not. He's still above average on his BUN and Creatine levels. But found he had lost some weight and was developing anemia. I am to get another pill of vitamins for him for the anemia.

However, here's the problem. The only food he eats consistently is Meow Mix cans which have over 50% protein in them. All the other canned foods, and I've tried a bunch, he may eat for a day and then gets tired of it the next day. The Azodyl is very expensive, and so every time he won't eat the food, I waste a pretty penny. He loves gravy so I bought him Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers and tried to skim the gravy off. Sure enough he didn't like it. The vet says the only way for him to gain weight is to give him commercial food. However, this is the thing that taxes the kidneys. I just don't know what to do anymore. I want to have him stick around for years, and am trying everything I can. He doesn't like tuna juice or chicken broth, just so you know. I've tried getting any kind of food that has gravy and then putting that on other foods. But there's only so many foods below 40% protein and 1% phosphorous that I can find. Any suggestions would be a great help!!!
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