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Exclamation abscess/blister/cyst question

in the last couple of days my dog has developed a blister-like bump on the back of her front leg...just above her heel pad.
it is soft and squishy to the touch - leading me to believe that it is filled with fluid of some sort (blood or puss).
it is blackish in colour - although, that is the colour of her skin on her legs.
it is about the size and texture of an over ripe grape.

my first thought was woodtick...but there is hair on it in places, so that is out.

i bathed her monday and it was not there, and noticed it on friday - at which time i made a vet apt, but that is for this thursday. i am curious if anyone has any ideas as to what it may be.

i recently got a kitten who is after the dog's legs constantly - perhaps he poked her and it is now infected? she also tripped going up the deck the other day - perhaps she banged it?

it is not causing her any pain - can touch it and squeeze her legs and surrounding areas and she does not flinch. she is still very active, eating, and going potty the same.

any thoughts??

i will attach a pic - the lump in question is the upper black spot, the other is her heel pad.
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