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Eating some...

No, the vet didn't do bloodwork. My regular vet was off and the covering vet is afraid of my cat. The poor cat gets so nervous she cries out and people think she is a mean cat. The vet said all her vitals were fine, so there was no need to do bloodwork. But if she continues down this road of not eating right, I'll bring her back.

She IS eating (today anyway) the Fancy Feast gross kibbles that I bought last night, mixed in with her "good" food "Life's Abundance". However, I am afraid I might be compounding the problem feeding her "bad" food that might be further irritating her little tummy.

A couple things I was wondering about:

1) I have read that slippery elm can be helpful. Is this safe to use? How much and how?

2) Does anyone know of a quality food that is mild on the stomach? I read somewhere I think about Natural Balance Duck and Pea. I find that vets don't seem to know alot about foods - they stick to Iams and Science Diet vet diets.

Preferably, I would like something that has NOT had recalls.
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