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Husky x/ Lab mix (crying)

Hello I am new to this forum!

Anyways I am a new dog owner, and never really own a dog before, the wife has so us togather would like to make this happen with are kids and our-selfs.

Here are my questions:

He is about 8 weeks old and was taking from his mother, This is are 2nd day and he seems to be crying alot?

- Now from what I know, this dog will cry and that is because he misses his mother...right?

- And he will cry at door all the time , so we let him out to pee, he is pretty good with that, but when he comes back in he will go back and cry again...?

What are some good idea you have to help make this dog feel at home, we hold him and pat him and feed and all the thing you need to do.

But is there more and how long will a puppy cry for till he gets over the mother?

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