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Originally Posted by FionaBeth View Post
Hey everyone. I have recently decided to begin umbilical training with my dog. He is a 1 1/2 year old black lab that my husband and I adopted in May, and he struggles with listening to commands/paying attention in general, which is why I have decided to try this technique. He is fine in the house, but I do have a question about walks. I know that with umbilical training I am in the one that needs to be in complete control- but how does this work when he needs to use the bathroom on a walk? He tends to pull me when he needs to go to the bathroom (which is a large improvement from when we first adopted him and he pulled throughout the entire walk). Should I allow him to pull when he needs to use the bathroom, or during umbilical training do I need to decide when that happens? I appreciate any advice that you could give me
I think you are talking about the distorted version of umbilical training promoted by Brad Pattison which relies on force an punishment to get compliance from a dog.

Umbilical as first used was used to promote a positive, trusting relationship not for domineering control. To keep the puppy under supervision while freeing your hands and keeping the dog close.

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