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Originally Posted by Janedizzle View Post
Thanks for the reply. I figured that giving her the food was causing this problem. My husband wanted to keep feeding her and feeding but I told him that would not be any kind of good for her. I feed Ozzy twice a day so I just feed her at the same time. I was just concerned about the diarrhea and her being so lethargic. I plan to get them both to the vet soon(Ozzy needs his rabies updated) I just wasn't sure if the problem needed immediate attention.
This is a situation for immediate attention. I would be seeing a vet today infact. This pup may suffer from many different things. I would not be allowing this dog anywhere near the healthy dog until the pup is clear of any viruses or diseases. Please make the appointment as early as possible.

Remember that a lethargic pup is a seriously ill pup.
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