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No we had two meetings first on mutual ground and they like each other, she did little growls, a few times, but he didn't react to them and we were told she did that to all dogs when she first meets them. When we bought her home we let them meet at the park across the road from us and then walk them into our house and out the back. There was a weeing competition for about 10 min. he wanted to play but she wasn't sure and ran back to us. She doesn't play with balls she just wants to own it and that how the first fight started.

The second fight started when a friend was over and was trying to play with a toy with her and called the male over, the friend didn't know any better and we didn't release this was going on until they started to flight. We had all the toys put in a box away from them both because of the first incident.

They both have basic training, the male has had a lot of training and is a very good listener.

thank you for help Barkingdog
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