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To NoahGray, G-Man would never put Lady's life in jeopardy because he's way too fond of his "foot sitter" and he's got way too much experience with hunting dogs and hunting in general. He's been an active hunter for over 40 years (he started going out with his dad in New Zealand when he was just a little tyke, 5 or 6 years old). He also takes Lady out every day (near enough) into the woods behind our workshop/office for a good ramble and swim for at least 45 minutes, so she's getting lots of woodsy experience without the hunting.

To Hazelrunpack, Lady would be bird hunting which is not something that you can do at close range (I think). G-Man is an excellent marksman so it's not unusual for his target to be a few hundred metres away. In New Zealand it's open season on all mammals all the time because they are imports from Europe and very destructive of the natural habitat. G-Man had to be good, or he'd never have got anything.

The chances are that Lady's not going to be a dedicated hunting dog, just a sometimes hunting dog when the weather is good and G-Man can go out for a day of manly bonding with his dog. I'm just ranting about the general state of over breeding dogs to match someone's idea of what they are supposed to look like without too much regard for what they were supposed to do.
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