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My poor Chretien....

Our parrot fish, Chretien (he has a lopsided the name) has been sick for almost a month now, I've been to the fish store (a specialty store with just fish and the owners are really knowledgable, I got medicine and followed her instructions for the partial water changes and putting the other filter in the hot magnum filter we have. (I also have a whisper quiet one from walmart that I could use if it would help and a fluval too.) The lady thinks it's swim bladder, he is floating at the top, not completely unable to swim, but it takes great effort and he can't for long, and after 4 weeks of meds etc he is now bent nearly in half like his spine is curved. He hasn't eaten much in the last two days despite my cutting up and trying to feed him his favorite frozen blood worm. I'm going back to the fish store tomorrow to see if there is anything else I can do. He is the only fish in that tank as we couldn't get him to accept any other fish. And we are having some issues with Chase's heater (this is hubby's tank and fish are usually his domain, but he's not here so I'm the one fretting over his fish), the water was too warm, in the 90's due to a heater malfunction and we can't seem to get it just right again, so I may swap out my heater for his as I don't really need one for my goldfish. I'll take a water sample to the fish people, but I'd appreciate any advice you fish enthusiasts might have for me. Despite it being hubby's tank, I am very attached to our Chretien!
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