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It's bad in the country too. We're having issues with two dogs right lab mix around the corner from us keeps showing up on our property...not a HUGE deal, we don't really mind doggie visitors...until he started acting aggressively not only towards our dogs (actually went after Heidi) but towards PEOPLE, too! Not cool. We spoke to the owner twice, they did nothing, so the last time we saw the dog I called animal control. They went and told the owner to smarten up and tie the dog (like, duh).

Another lab down the road always ends up following us if we go jogging. The people at the house always holler at her to come home, but of course she doesn't listen, and they don't bother chasing her down. Wouldn't be such a big deal, except she's a royal jack and picks fights with dogs on other properties as we go along, and wanders all over the make matters worse people think she's OUR dog and that WE'RE irresponsible owners!!! We do take our pups jogging sometimes, but they're ALWAYS on leash!!! The only time we allow off-leash play is when we're in the wood lot, and when they're in our yard and supervised....they know not to leave the property. If they're not supervised, they're inside, or tied.
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