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Got a new camera! woo!

wooohHOOOO! i'm sooo thrilled!

I ended up choosing the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H9 (review & specs here:, after looking and handling a few different ones and not liking them very much (Canon G7, Nikon P5000 coolpix, a panasonic one, and another smaller Canon).

But this one... it's PERFECT for me! perfect size, grip, features, ease of use, speed, zoom, remote, takes audio videos, everything. finally.... a camera I love and can live with.

Hubby decided to keep the big Nikon D80 monster with 18-200 lens (instead of exchanging it), so everyone's happy. He had gotten that one for me for christmas but I really wasn't happy with it, felt overwhelmed and it was too big and clumsy. But now I'm happy with my girlie-cam... got a 2Gig card and the carrying case, I'm ready to GO!!

Battery is charging now so I'll start snapping photot tomorrow, or tonight... wooo! beanies by the sea, soon!

PS: prin, kevin says HI and when you coming for a visit?

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