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Meowing driving us crazy

I have two male cats, both are neutered male. They meow in the early mornings at around 4:30am or 5:00am but Toby starts when we just getting in bed. Joey isn't as bad as Toby but he can be bad some mornings, he meows at my door and I have to let him in, i put dish of kibbles down soo he can eat them then he wants back out of the room. They both are quiet through the day. Toby is worst for sleeping, he sleeps are all day and night. when he meows my mom has to get after him with the water. They get their feeding early in morning around 6:00am, sometimes they shut up and other times they still meow. I have to mention this Toby is declawed on all four paws and has a broken foot, he was like this when we adopted him. I just want the meowing to stop all together, also we leave the radio on and one light on. I figure that he is meowing because he been declawed and has a broken foot. Any suggestion, please help and reply to this message. Thanks for your time and consideration. Does anyone else have a meowing cat?
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