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lol The bleeding is UNSTOPPABLE!! Bwahahaha!hahaha!! heh heh..

Seriously, if you push the nail.. wait let me go get a pic...

K, I just cut Boo's nails on the weekend. So you see (below) how when I push the nails forward (not forcing, just moving it to where it would be if he was standing), the nail is cut flush with the pad? That is all you need to do. When the nail passes the pad, it can push on the base of the nail and cause pain or even crack off. If you cut it like in the pic, you most likely won't get the quick. Past that, maybe.

It also depends on the length of the dog's nails too. If they were allowed to grow for a long time, the quick probably has grown further out too, so they'd have to be cut down gradually.

If you do cut the quick, it will probably get harder to cut the dog's nails again. The more often you cut the quick, the harder it will get.

I was always taught back in the day to use matches... You light the match, blow it out and wait till it cools. When it's room temp, you touch it on the quick. It stops the bleeding quickly but really burns though. Some vets have match sticks that are sort of pre-made. I haven't tried corn starch, but I'm sure it's less painful.

So ya, this is Boo's nail. I cut his about once every two weeks.
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