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[QUOTE=CyberKitten]I have a Siamese who talks loudly with a large and gropwing by the day vocabulary when she wants what she wants or thinks something is not beong done that she assumes MUST be done NOW - is he part meezer? (I love meezers for many reasons but one of them is because they do talk so much, lol).

My cat Pringles likes things done on a schedule and will let you know if you're running late. She talks rather than yells though and also has a range of octives she can use and will only do so if she has an audience. Merlin just flat out screams all alone while sitting in the middle of the hall way.

What do you mean he's not a human... lol I know exactly what his problem is, his human isn't home and there's nothing I can do to fix that... Except slip some extra catnip into his little houses, seems to mellow him out the way pot does to teenagers... I just might beon to something!
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