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Originally Posted by chico2
Your room-mate is being a selfish b@#ch,although I applaude her for taking in a homeless cat,she should also take the responsabilitys coming with pet-ownershhip.
I am afraid the solution will be,to dump the poor cat at the SPCA and he'll be paying the ultimate price for her neglect:sad:
That's the thing, there isn't a price that's too high for this cat. He gets the full medical treatment at the vet's office and will get taken in to be looked at if something is up, he gets Revolution flea treatment all summer, wormed spring and fall. I buy really good (read to say: fairly expensive) food and litter for my cat and she was more than happy to pay for half of it so hers could have it too. But somewhere along the way she figured that cats were independant and didn't need you more than a few minutes a day, if that. (I've never left my dog with her for more than 36 hours... I shudder to think how neglected he'd feel...)

I'll take her cat in if it comes down to it, he's too chicken to make it at the SPCA and I'd never do that to him, besides, he and my Pringles actually get along, and he's actually quite handsome so he'd be worth it.

Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only, nor the first vicitim of a less than hlepfull room-mate.

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