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Originally Posted by Barkingdog View Post
I am sorry but I LOL when I read this , I know it's to you but it was funny to read .

I found this web site that may help you .
Thanks I'll check it out. I'm sure I will laugh about it when we come out the other side but right now I'm just so frustrated. We take her out. If she pees we reward her. She doesn't always go. Sometimes she will pee on the carpet not 10 minutes after having been outside. I feel bad but I think the only solution is to confine her, all the time, except when out for walks or pee breaks. We feed her at the same times every day. She goes out more than every two hours except when we are not home, and then she is confined to an x pen with her pal Oreo. She can go like 5 hours in that pen without an accident. She doesn't have a nervous bladder. She has almost constant access to outside. She CAN do it. She doesn't seem to WANT to. She prefers peeing in the house. I am at wits end here.
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