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Originally Posted by Longblades View Post
Zrebirt, how long ago was that? I'm sorry the Atopica didn't work, I did see that in your own thread. I do know the gelatin is not tolerated by some dogs, that's too bad. But at 63 pounds I will guess your dog was dosed at 150 mg or less since my dog at the time was 75 pounds. The price went down each year, especially after Apoquel became available and was competition. My last batch of 30 100mg and 20 50mg was down to less than $200. It did start out a very high price. Apoquel, when I tried it for a short time, was a comparable price. Also, look on line for Atopica promotions directly from the company. It may be that they offered them when Apoquel was new but they might still do it.
It was about 3 weeks ago.
If I'm reading my bill right it was $127 for a small bottle 5ml, and we were doing two bottles a month (bottle every 2 weeks) Plus ketoconozole, plus Apoquel.
I just refilled Apolquel 2 days ago at $279 for 100 16mg pills.

My vet got the Apoquel in next day, so they are in the warehouse and readily available in Canada.
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