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[QUOTE=Jim Hall;1044568]ok so the more trained and well behaved dogs have no problem
the dogs in the city on leashes do,

hmmm does this suggest that the dogs u meet on the street have stooopud people for owners?[/QUOTE]I think you have something here, though I don't think it is necessarily the owner's fault or that they willfully produced poorly behaved dogs.

If you read the link the difference in behaviour between neutered and intact dogs is remarkable. Much worse for the neutered dogs in some cases. I can't help but think of all the times I've been told, read and heard "neuter, he'll be better behaved." My theory is that so many dog owners heard that, thought neuter was some kind of magic bullet that would prevent or stop unwanted behaviours and for their part thought their job was done and relaxed in their training. The owners of the intact dogs heard it all too but they trained their little hearts out and, voila, they got the better behaved dogs.

I know, it really doesn't matter to the OP how it happened but for me I hold out hope we can educate these owners of neutered dogs that, NO, neuter/spay doesn't miraculously produce a well behaved dog, you've still got to train your dog.
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