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Haha, as I've said, there is no such thing as a dog park in my city! Although I was quite cautious of the parks in Moncton, every dog we ever met there liked him, despite his "masculinity".

I do consider neutering him sometimes, but if it doesn't fix this ONE problem we have, what if all it does is change him? As many that we've met have said, if his behaviour is almost perfect at this age, it's only going to get better when he's fully matured. I like him the way he is. It means being a bit more cautious than most owners when it comes to keeping him locked up in the house, or securely on-lead, but I'm sure most husky owners can relate to that whether or not their pup has been spayed/neutered.

On that note, there is one walking trail that allows for off-leash dogs somewhat nearby, and I like to bring him there on a nice long leash... and oddly enough, this is one of the places we've had the most positive interaction with other dogs (and almost EVERYONE there is off leash except for my boy!) I know most people say never to have one dog off and one on, but since it's what Koru's known all his life, it doesn't phase him and perhaps when the other dogs have that advantage, his manliness (lol) is a little less of a concern to them.

Anyway, since it seems my options are neuter and hope for the best, or have more pre-arranged playdates, I am going to opt for the second one for now... I just made a local classified ad looking for dogs in the neighbourhood with the energy to play with a male, unfixed husky. It's funny... without a doubt, he is PERFECT with puppies. He will roll over and let them climb all over his belly, and puppy nip him, and he just loves it. I really hope another person in the neighbourhood has a young pup who needs a friend.
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