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Oh, and even with all the troubles we have here, I know socialization is key. I bring Koru with me EVERYWHERE. Every dog we see, I ask to meet. Every kid we pass that wants to pat him, is allowed to. We go to beaches, parks, and all the stores I can... although even all the hardware stores here aren't dog-friendly... I hate my city ): Now all I can find are a couple convenience stores and pawn shops, which I go to with Koru almost daily. I will actually be starting a blog soon chronicling local businesses that welcome dogs... Fingers crossed that it will become successfully enough to convince a few businesses to change their dog unfriendly policies.
"Dogs don't wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Ever. Every morning they're happy to see you, longing for a moment of your time and a simple pat on the head. Every day they tell you "HELLO! GOOD MORNING! I LOVE YOU, LETS HAVE A GREAT DAY TODAY!!!". Days I wake up without that, it's a lot easier to be "bah. day. yuck." I'm weird like that though."
-Some guy on a forum.
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