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This is a nightmare. I was in hospital for 9 days, have had a week at home concentrating on my recuperation, but read this and thought, well, I think I left the scaler on top of Bo's trolley. Can you guess? It isn't there! Leave it with me, tjagolf33, I may have to tear this house apart to find it , or my hubby apart if he's thrown it out, but truth is I will be needing it ASAP for my own 7 dogs. I should (fingers crossed) have a photo on one of the computers of both the scalers I bought, my panic though is about ever finding the sort we lost. I know a fellow sheltie breeder couldn't find one. I've had mine 20 years at least. One thing's for sure, if I find a source, you will be the first to be told. Wish me luck.
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