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Originally Posted by reanne View Post
Hi Cerena, happy to hear that Jasmine has been improving! The coat changes would be from getting her thyroid more under control, and also if you changed her food that would make a huge difference too.

I feel your pain as a university student-I am in nursing and we are in school for more than 10 months a year, and it is an extremely expensive program. However, kudos to you for making sure Jasmine is looked after! I know it is hard, but somehow you just make it work! It helps to have a good relationship with your vet-that way you can occasionally owe him/her money if you need something but dont' have the money for it at the time.

Feeding quality food is a little more expensive, but it is worth it (it just means more ramen, noodles, and potatoes for us university students, but we're already used to that anyway!). You can do a lot with a vegetable (or not, if none are on sale LOL), some hot sauce, and rice/pasta/potato and a few herbs!!

My older dog, Whistler, broke one of his canine teeth about...4 years ago now? He busted it in half on a rock. Because he is a large (92lbs), active dog, the vet said pulling it was not an option. He basically had a root canal instead (depulped the tooth part way down, capped it, then the cap fell off a couple years later so it had to be replaced). Dental surgery is not cheap, but he recovered quickly, none the worse for wear now! Hope Jasmine's surgery goes well too.

Best of luck to you!

Thanks reanne! I'm actually a vegetarian, and food is relatively cheap and nutritious for me. I cook all the time, so that's not a problem. And yes, I'm lucky to have a really awesome vet who's so caring. Glad to hear that your dog recovered well from the surgery. I'm curious, could you tell me about how much the surgery was for your dog? For my cat, the extraction itself is around $300 but with everything included it's prob around $700.
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