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Originally Posted by ksoarbmoy View Post
On Saturday June 12th our new Shi-poo puppy named Cookie began the following: She would vomit out clear liquid, but would shake her head as it came out and send it everywhere, she wouldnt eat or drink, and wouldnt open her mouth which would be foaming. We took her to an emergency clinic and all her blood work came back perfectly fine, her parvo test was negative, and after being given and anti-nausea, some food, and some rest, we picked her up the next day and she was totally fine and full of energy. The vet also gave us some deworming meds which we began giving her. Monday morning it happend again and this time we took her to our vet, who in 25 years says he has never seen this. He says it cant be worms because her blood tests and energy are perfect. He has decided it is seizures and put her on valium. She has been fine ever since but I was wondering if someone may hav e seen this before? I dont want to have to keep her on valium the rest of her life!
My husband and I recently purchased a Malamute puppy. He did similar things. He would start by drinking alot of water, then throw it up (along with clear mucus), get terrified, run to a corner, start shaking his head and foam at the mouth. His episodes were followed by grand mal seizures twice. After alot of testing, including full blood/chemical testing, acid bile test for liver shunt, neck x-rays and a spinal tap they concluded he has Neospora (a parasite transmitted by the mother during pregnancy. Might be something to look in to, sounds very similar.

I wish you luck and hope your little one gets well!!
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