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Originally Posted by ksoarbmoy View Post
He has decided it is seizures and put her on valium... I dont want to have to keep her on valium the rest of her life!
Valium has too short of a half life to be used as a primary anti-seizure medication for dogs. The half life of valium is 2.5-3.2 hours. For comparison, phenobarbitol, a common anti-seizure medication, has a half life in dogs that is on average about 2 days. Other common anti-seizure medicaitons include: keppra, zonisamide and potassium bromide.

Valium can be used intravenously or intrarectally to address seizures as they occur or to help address cluster seizures. As a preventative, it is not usually a treatment of choice.

The complex mechanism of vomiting is controlled within the brain. Thus an epileptic focus or a focal lesion at this site could be seen as episodes of severe vomiting. For young pets (those under 6months of age), often seizures will have causes other than epilepsy.

I would recommend that 1) you attempt to video tape these episodes and 2) I would have your pet evaluated by a neurologist. In lieu of this, you could consider bile acids (liver function testing) and radiographs.
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