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Thank you for your help mikischo! Casey did indeed poop today, and I also got a reply from his previous owner. She says that Casey is quite inconsistent in his peeing and bowel movements, sometimes he'll go a lot in a day, sometimes very little.

I'm not sure what constitutes as healthy cat poop. Casey did little pellets, almost like pebbles, probably 7 or 8 of them, each about half the size of the average pinkie finger. They were firm, but slightly dry I think. Should healthy cat poop look like healthy human poop?

I also noticed that he licked and groomed his crotch area more today after he pooped. I'm hoping this is normal behaviour?

Also, back to the food portioning, I'm actually considering moving him to a mostly can food diet. He seems to like it more, and eats it all in one sitting. His old owner mentioned that he's a slight bit overweight (by how much, I'm not quite sure), so I think I'll start removing most of the grains from his diet soon...

Again, thanks so much for your help!
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