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What should I do...?

I think my parents' dog had a reaction to her flea collar (Hartz Ultra Guard). She's an eight-year-old, ten-pound, Chinese Crested/Terrier mix. When we put it on, I made sure to check for redness around her neck for irritation or allergic reaction for several days after (I had read so many caution reviews), but saw nothing.

However, after the fifth day, she developed a fever. I took the collar off, gave her a bath to wash off any chemical residue from the collar, and kept an eye on her. She did eat and drink normally that day. The next day, her urine was dark orange, she was lethargic, and she would only take a dog biscuit, not her regular food. She did drink water on her own that day. I kept her cool with a damp washcloth, and her fever did come down. I also gave her some children's benadryl, like a quarter of one teaspoon. I gave her one dose in the morning, and another quarter teaspoon eight hours later, and another dose eight hours after that. She took some chicken broth from my fingers throughout the day. Her urine color improved by the end of the day, and she had two normal bowel movements.

The day after, she would not eat at all, but she did drink chicken broth with added plain chicken puree, although not on her own, only from my cupped hands, and she did urinate normal-looking urine, and she had a normal bowel movement.

Today, she still won't eat normally. I've been feeding her chicken broth with pureed chicken from my hands, which she'll still only take from my hands. She doesn't feel hot anymore, but I'm concerned about her not eating normally and getting enough calories. My parents are on a fixed income, as am I, and we do not have the money for a big vet bill. I don't know what else to do for their dog. I feel so bad. Will this pass? Should I keep giving her Benadryl and giving her the chicken broth/puree? I read that diluted Pedialyte is okay. I'm going to go to Walmart to pick some up, but I'd appreciate any advice you can offer. Thank-you!