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Thanks for the reply - I had seen that list of dog parks and it's helpful; I'd really love to know, though, if there's anywhere more interesting to walk dogs. Bramley is used to running through gorse bushes and woodland, chasing rabbits, and swimming in rivers and lakes. Dog parks which are just a big open space, grass or no grass, are just not the same. They may have to do during the week, but at least sometimes I want to take him somewhere better. I'd love to just walk him on the Mountain but I understand dogs have to be on-leash there. Summit circle is good too, but not off-leash all year round. We're likely to live in Westmount, but if there's somewhere with easier access to a great dog-walking place like I described then it might sway our decision about where we live. I look forward to hearing from anyone who has ideas!
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