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Potty Re-Training, Training older dog

Over the years I have had a few dogs and thought I knew just a little.
Well, it seems that I do know just a little but not near enough about potty training. I have read a few books and some of them are very good but I can't seem to find a answer for this one.
I have one toy poodle 2 years old that is the very best about going outside. If I take her out every hour or every four hours she will always pee.

I have another toy poodle that is 18 mo old and she is a real problem.
I have only had her for one week so I don't expect her to be trained yet. I am more concerned about her past training or lack of training.
The lady that had her had some problems and would not let her go out for fear she would get a flea on her or track in a blade of grass. Pee pads were placed all over the house but the poodle just went anywhere she pleased. I don't know what the lady did when Sugar ( the poodle) had an accident.

Here is my problem: I am concerned that she may not be going often enough. Yesterday she went 3 times which seemed about normal. Other days she often will only go early in the morning when she wakes up. She sleeps in her crate and never soils her bed. Today she has not peed at all. She poops once every day. She pooped early this morning but never peed as far as I can tell.
I have tried taking her out every hour (on leash) and every two hours.
Nothing helps.
She has only peed in the house five times in seven days. Two times on pee pads and three accidents.

To make the story short, do you think I should be concerned if she goes all day without peeing?
She is a 6 lb toy poodle 18 month old.

I never acknowledge when she has an accident. I just clean it up and consider it my fault for not being alert.
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