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Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
I don't think tourism should be ever based on the suffering and/or killing of another living being. That is just so sad . What a pathetic country we live in .
I agree! Theput bait down for wolves up here then the Americans come in the winter and hunt the wolves. *sigh*

Originally Posted by chico2 View Post
Erykah,yes that is appauling and sick,I feel the same about using 30 dogs to chase a bear up a tree,for hunters to shoot down,the bear does not stand a chance
Do people really eat bear-meat??
chico,,,that is awful.

The native people up here eat the meat. I have also tasted bear meat many years ago too when we had a native friend prepare some for a meal.

We get many bears up here in town in the summer and the fall. I'm always careful when taking the dogs into the park because of them. But I figure the town is in the middle of bush basically and the bears were here first.

I don't like the thoughts of a bear hunt. I know why people want it, but I still am having trouble agreeing with it. If u were defending yourself against an attacking bear, yes shoot it. But still sitting on the fence about the hunt.
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