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Originally Posted by 14+kitties View Post
And I suppose that is what makes us all uniquely human, right? We all have differing opinions. Now I would imagine the only ones who will be able to make the determining factor as to who is "right' or "wrong" are the lawyers who will be making a killing on the ensuing law suit and the judge who decides.
I should take a picture of MY nose right now. Talk about being stupid. I know very well that dogs are capable of biting and cats are capable of scratching and biting. Talk about a lapse in judgement. At this moment I have a very large scratch on my honker that goes all the way from top to bottom almost right down the middle. Why? Because I was stupid enough to pick up a cat that was very close beside my dog. I would think she thought the dog was attacking and so attacked back. Unfortunately my nose got the worse of it. My fault entirely. Wonder who I can sue?
Yikes 14... Great point though, thank you for putting it in that light. People nowadays are too quick to jump on the money train, using any incident like this to their benefit and the dog is the one that loses out.
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