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I don't live where you guys live.. I live in NJ, where it is densely overpopulated and people here have no respect for nature. I respect your opinion Erykah, but don't really appreciate when people take a jab at vegetarians for the whole "well animals die when grains are being harvested!!!" deal... I'm not really offended by much, but the jab at "us vegetarians" is mainly just mildly annoying.... mainly because I have been hearing it for years and years and in my opinion it's just kind a dumb thing (not that you are dumb) & just generally kind of offensive. It's kind of like saying "well your religion is stupid because X". It's just irritating. Just my and hope you don't think I'm gonna go all crazy hippie on ya but I just really hate when people pull the "being vegetarian is useless" card because it's just like "well adopting an animal is useless because there is still going to be more out there"... kind of just things that maybe should be kept to yourself.
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