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I'm American but living overseas right now. We were in Germany first then the UK. We didn't have pets until we moved to Germany. Germany is extremely cheap for vet care. Or at least the area we lived in was. To get Annas first shots it was a total of 20, to microchip her it was about 10. Any vet care for sick pets usually only cost around 15 to 20. However, we did end up spending just over $700 to get Sookie back to a healthy dog after we found her. She needed all but 5 teeth removed because they were killing her. Anitbiotics are never cheap and she had them for so long! To get our dogs over here to the UK was not so cheap with the PET travel scheme to come to the UK. We did that for both dogs but ended up only bringing one in the end when Sookie couldn't even get up to potty anymore. That cost about 100 for each dog.
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