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Originally Posted by lUvMyLaB<3 View Post
The aco has tried very very hard to track down this dog, what we believe is it has been sent to a farm. Yes the hospital does report dog bites, in fact I was surprised at what a big deal it seemed to be.. Sadly yes these dogs do have quite the mouth lol my left hand has a 2 inch scar not so bad, my right hand though has nerve damage, many large scars, and this weird buildup of hard callouse like skin.. I have no anger toward the dog whatsoever, I have yet to see this woman again. But yes it shouldn't have been loose, even then accidents happen, they are dogs, all I wish for is that they reported their end, provided shots records at least, and made me feel that the dog was going to be kept in a safe manner.. IF it was illness free... I groom dogs, I've been bit before lol, but this was not just a bite, so hard to descibe how vicious, and intense it was, he would have my hand and bit so hard and shook tearing everything, each bite wasn't a tooth mark but an inch or two long gash, the ones on my finger right to the bone..
The whole time though I was thinking had this been a 'dangerous' breed... Perhaps I should start campaigning to ban scotties? Or all terriers? (That is a JOKE) ban the damn idiot humans please
I wish the fastest recovery possible.Might not even have the damage,hard to tell untill its healed,takes forever. Ive got some in my right arm that prevents me from putting all my fingers together,I make a lazy spok salute,my pinky and ring finger stay out.Wasnt as bad as they thought it would be. I appreciate your respectful mannor in dealing with the results. Takes a real person to not blame the dog,or owner,and even joke about it. The most I would do is try to find a localized newspaper that will run an article like this case and mention the breed of dog when its not a pitbull or type dog and bring some awareness publicly. In most cases the breed is never mentioned in articles and if it is,its only a couple articles later that it is softly mentioned. I even seen one case where they said it was a black and tan colored dog that attacked(it was an obvious german sheapard purebred) Not cool. I just hope people will realise and educate to the best of the abilities. Again great way you handled it,and contained the situation. You deserve a pat on the back.
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