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All dogs bite. Plain and simple.

What is wrong in this situation is we don't know why. Is it a sick dog, an irresponsible owner or a combination of both? We'll never know...because the "irresponsible owner" ran away and the "irresponsible" animal services staff couldn't or wouldn't track them down. Were the dog a large breed such as a GSD or a 'muscular-jawed' breed such as a Cattle Dog or a similar mutt-version such as a Pitbull have been treated differently? Yep. You bet. They would have been hunted down with every resource the city had. Headlines = money in the budget.

Pitbulls in the news? Always and forever until we make the change.

It's up to us to change the perception. It shouldn't be the case but apparently it is~ up to us to ensure that Animal Services are JUST as vigilant in tracking down errant dogs and their owners. There's no headline in a Scottie bite.

My experience with a dog bite and Animal Services in Toronto was more than frustrating. And I knew, as did Public Health and Animal Service where the lived. Yet, I came within minutes of a needle(s) because of THEIR inactivity and their collective poor management of the situation. What would have happened to someone who isn't able to or doesn't have the resources to navigate City service or perhaps worse, a less than vigilant GP?

I'm still wondering whether Animal Services should be removed from the City. Alternatives? Not too crazy about the OSPCA either.

On the MAIN LMP. What a horrible thing to have happened to you, your daughter and your dog.

It's hard not to develop a prejudice against little dogs with major, untrained/unsocialized 'tude and their "little-dog-attacking-oh-isn't that-cutesy-wootsey" people. I know it's something I struggle with...
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