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Aw, poor Peanut and poor you! I think canine urgery is harder on the human than on the dog! At least mentally it is--I find the recovery time to be extremely stressful, although the dogs usually seem to take it all in stride.

If the area is not weeping or hot and Peanut is behaving normally, I think you can safely wait till Monday to decide if you need a vet visit. I think I can see some improvement in the bruising from the 'yesterday' to the 'today' pic. By Monday I suspect it will be better yet. The swelling doesn't look too far out of the ordinary, either.

It doesn't sound like he's very active, which is good--the quieter he stays, the faster the bruising will resolve and the faster he'll heal. Just keep a close eye on him and if you aren't already, take him on a leash when he's in the yard to prevent him from running. Also, no jumping up on furniture--he'll just have to rely on Mom to give him a lift when he wants up or down.

I hope he's healing up well enough on Monday so you skip the extra vet visit! Keep us posted!
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