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Originally Posted by shirley1011 View Post
Aslan...thought you were on holidays!!
I have had a couple of litters of Norwegian Elkhounds but only when I have had a waiting list of people who sincerely wanted puppies.
I would not breed a dog past 4 years of age and probably won't be breeding again. We have a beautiful line of Norwegian Elkhounds but I think my efforts are better spent in finding homes for Elkhounds that are in search of new homes.......actually one in Hamilton now that I am working on.
lol,,,i am...see now that is ethical breeding as is the breeder whom we got qman from,,,she doesn't breed before the age of atleast 2 and never past the age of 4..we just lucked out with Q,,she was expecting 9 puppies and just happened to have 10 or we'd have been on the waiting list too.