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Bosco surely was a hero! And what a handsome one too!

My cat Twinkie saved my life from a fire. This was when I was living in Holland. I was living above a store, and the store was on fire. I was in the appartment above it, asleep and the cat woke me up by pouncing on me with all fours at once. There were small flames coming through the baseboards but large flames visible out back, coming from the shop's storage area; there was smoke. I grabbed her, went to the other side of the house which was still 'clear' of smoke, grabbed the phone and dialed the Dutch equivalent of 911, grabbed my coat and my partner's guitar, and left the house. Thanks to Twinks, I had time to do that. The store and inventory were a lost cause, but at least the building was saved, as was my life. It wouldn't have been more than a few minutes longer before the smoke would have gotten me unconscious while I was sleeping.
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