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My dads neighbour has a Wheaten.Tonka is the most loveable dog.He is great with other dogs and loves kids,they have a 2 year old.Tonka also loves playing with my GSD.

I've been told by Gary that the jumping is what they call a Wheaten welcome.Something to do with this being their way of greeting people.

but the main factor here is that I have this summer off from school, and will be home most of the time. I want to be able to dedicate as much time to the new puppy as possible.
Just wanted to comment on this.

My suggestion to you is,make sure this pup has some time to him/herself.Your off for the summer,spend time with this pup,then all of a sudden it's back to school.Then pup doesn't have you around.Sometimes this is how seperation anxiety happens.And it won't matter that you have Stanley.It will be the human contact that the pup will crave.....Hope that made sense.
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