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A Great Animal Advocate Has Passed

It is with great sadness that I tell you that Pete Harris (Jowlflapper) of Ottawa Valley Cat and Dog Resort and the Puppymill Detective Agency Forum passed away September 11, 2007.

Pete was a unique man with an enormous compassion for animals, an incredible artistic flare, and an unstoppable sense of advocacy for the humane treatment of animals. He was relentless and fearless in criticizing any form of cruelty to animals and had a particular disgust for puppymills and backyard breeders.

Pete was a private, quiet man who had a special love and understanding of animals. He passed in silence and privacy without so much as a ripple. Few noticed his absence and even fewer knew that he was gone until recently which has left me with a strange and unexpected sense of melancholy that seems irreconcilable.

Thank you Pete for all that you tried to do on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves!

Goodbye to a beautiful soul that graced this world before it was ready and left before it was truly understood.


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