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Twitching is starting once again:(

No I have been very happy these past few days seeing that she was better but in the past few hours I noticed the symptoms slowly starting again and just in the past 20 minutes something is once again irritating her and she started with the muscle twitching in the same spot. She was purfously licking herself everywhere in a way that looks as though something is bothering her from inside her body. She just started to try to play with a round toy that has corrulated paper inside of it with a ball that moves around that lights up with her paws at it and then all of a sudden she stops and the twitching starts and she licks at the spot, get scared and starts running to sit on a chair to lay down. I'm really thinking it's a nerve problem that she can't seem to control which is making her very uncomfortable. I wonder if I should give her some Benadryl I just don't know how to administer it as they are capsules. It's the only thing I have right now that may give her some relief but I've never used it on her I just bought them yesterday as the vet I can try to use it.
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