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Wish I had read the last post about the Tea Tree Oil

Oh boy I am such a bad mommie I went to the pet store again and asked an employee about what I can use to give my cat a good shampoo not the dry one I had already used which stopped her symptoms but one where I can actually give her a good bathing in the bathtub. What did she recommend? Tea Tree Oil & Aloe Vera Totally Natural Pet Shampoo from earthbath (the makers of the product) - BIG MISTAKE OH MY GAWD!! I get home and fill the bathtub 1/4 full of water and squirt some of the product into the bath so it would dilute it a bit. Once she completely dried off (grooming herself for about an hour or so) right away the spasms started and she ran around the apartment like a crazy cat trying to rub herself on the carpet. Right away once again I grabbed the hypoallergenic fragrance free grooming stuff and massaged it everywhere on her and the symptoms disappeared instantly. I was so upset to once again cause so much stress and discomfort to my poor girl. Now I cam 100% certain she is allergic to any type of products with fragrance or certain oils in them. I did not think tea tree oil would cause such an irritation as the label on the front shows "soothing itch relief for hot spots and skin conditions. I should have known better myself and bought the other shampoo for sensitive skin maybe it would have been better but I'm not sure. I called the vet clinic today but the vet who saw my cat last week was away today but they will have her call me at work on Monday. I wanted to ask her if there was an antihistamine for animals with allergies. Now after reading Reg's very helpful and informative post, I may try the coconut oil as there is a great store not far from me that sells all natural and organic products. I even went there yesterday and bought non toxic fragrance free laundry detergent and cleaning products. I'm so scared now to use things that may irritate her skin. I'm quite upset that the vet seemed to think it's a behavioural thing as opposed to doing a little research themselves as I did to find it may be a skin condition since I did tell the vet about the new duvet cover. I guess they can only act on what they see during their physical examination of the animal. But I wish they would have thought to just do a skin test. My cat is doing well today; she is eating, playing, and now having her cat nap. As for the post about environment and landfills/factories, no I do not live near anything of the sort; I'm not far from downtown Toronto - lots of buildings and trees around where I live. Thank you Reg for your wonder post including the links I am going to read them.
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