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Introducing Skeletor!!!

Yup, his name is Skeletor LOL Apparently a young boy named him after He-man's arch enemy, the evil lord of destruction! Thank goodness he doesn't take after his name! We just call him Skel lol He's Lokiboden lines. He's certainly a charmer! Needs a bit of confidence work done but after two days here he's already coming out of his shell. I was told he doesn't get along with males....but he gets along ok with OC lol Ronan doesn't think too much of him though. Luckily him and Ronan still run well next to each other though so things are still moving along as planned for this season!

Well hello there! I'm Skel!

He's a lanky boy, with lots of speed!

What was that??

At almost 3 years old he still has a puppy impish side in him. It didn't take him long to learn that freshly emptied cottage cheese containers are delicious and fun!


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