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Originally Posted by Longblades View Post
When you say "husky" what breed do you mean? Siberian? Just curious. They are the breed I've had the most trouble with, mean, nasty, aggressive and I think it's mainly becasue they had owners who did not give them the amount of work and exercise the breed needs. I know it's the owners' fault.
He is a Siberian, I've met him mother and father and they have amazing temperaments. I am a very active person, hiking and running all the time. I go out with my GDS off leash all of the time because I have her well trained. I am aware most husky's will not be off leash dogs, but I am going to try to train him to be with long leads, taking small steps. I know how to train a dog. lol

Originally Posted by Longblades View Post
LOL, you want them to play together when you are at work? Inside your house? Yikes, last thing I'd want to come home to is a wrecked house. The puppy really should be for YOU, not for your other dog. What do YOU want to do with the puppy?
Who said I would be doing that? I never said I'd be leaving them alone when he was a puppy. I'm taking off work for a week or so when I first get him, then my best friend is going to be staying at my house while I work until he is old enough to be crated for potty training purposes. and even then I will be coming home for my lunch breaks. I want him for many other reasons, not just for my other dog, I just didn't want to spend forever and a day typing out all of my thought processes.

Originally Posted by Barkingdog View Post
It sometimes for first dog to accept another dog in it house , just b/c you're getting a puppy it doesn't mean your GS is going to welcome the puppy with open paws . It would be wise to get something that smell like the puppy so your dog will get use to it smell . And you bring the puppy home when you home for at lest 2 days in a row . You can't just bring a new puppy home and let it have the run of the house . You need to keep him in a room where he can't get into trouble . I agree that you should do some research on the breeder . Did you meet the puppy parents to see what kind of temperaments they have ?
My Gypsy is well trained and is very sweet. She is used to puppies living with her (long story, had a roommate who watched family members dogs for them and brought them home with her for weeks at a time. I got out of there real quick and now live alone) and I know how to treat a new puppy. I'm going to introduce them in a park, outside of Gypsy's 'territory' and slowly show him different rooms of the house to not overwhelm him and I will be crating him at night.

All this to say... I know what I'm doing. The only thing I am unsure of, and the reason for this thread, is if getting him at 6 weeks will be alright because I don't know that his current environment is the best thing for him. I've already paid the deposit so I will be getting him, I found this breeder by a friend who highly recommended her so instead of doing my research I just blindly trusted that my friend would know what she was talking about. In that I made a mistake. But its too late now.
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