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Hi, prospective cat owner here...

Hi all!

I've been thinking about getting a pet for a long time, and specifically for the last 2 years have seriously thought about getting a cat, which I think would suit my lifestyle best. I have never had cat, but had a dog when I was a child (many years ago). I feel like this is a big decision for me, so I am trying to do all the research I can beforehand before diving in the process, as well as asking advice from friends who have cats.

- I think I want a short haired cat over a long haired one. Brushing the cat once every few days or once a week is no issue at all. But I don't think I can do it daily.

- is it a bad idea for a new cat owner to get a kitten, since I would be inexperienced? I have no particular preference for a kitten or anything, just wanted to know.

- best place to adopt is from the shelters? I feel it would be best if I could provide a home to an unwanted cat. Thoughts?

- I am smoker. I try not to smoke inside of the house (except during the -20c winters....), but I am concerned this may cause issues for the cat (it's certainly no more healthy for them than it is for me....). Anything in particular I should be aware of?
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